Do It Yourself Mold Removal Or Hire a Professional

The main issue when attempting to cleanup mold damage yourself is spreading mold spores around the room and around the house. As you are cutting or spraying chemicals on the mold, the mold senses the danger and actually sends mold spores into the air with the hope that those mold spores will start to spread more spores of their own. This can lead to two problems, one is the fact that the mold spores are now floating in the air for people to breath. The second is the mold spores will now grow somewhere else in your house or building.

Hiring a Professional company that follows the IICRC mold removal guidelines. These guidelines improve upon the Health departments mold remediation guidelines and the EPA guidelines in mold removal.

The company should include building a plastic containment around the mold-damaged areas and use negative air equipment with HEPA filter to assure any mold spores don’t escape during the mold removal. Then all visible molds should be removed until no mold can no longer be seen. The technicians should use special vacuums and specific mold removal chemicals to wipe down all areas inside the contained area. All procedures should follow IICRC guidelines. If testing is required, then a certified hygienist should be hired.

The cost to hire a company can be expensive, but you must remember that the goal of the mold removal is to remove the mold without releasing more mold spores in the air. This means using certified mold removal technicians, special air machines, HEPA filters and expensive mold chemicals.

As you ponder what to do, you need to question what results you want. When you do it yourself you take a chance of risking your health and are willing to breathe in the mold spores. Hiring a professional protects you that you have followed healthy guidelines especially if you hire an Industrial Hygienist. The question is how much of a chance you want to take?

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